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19. Version History ↑

19.111 Version 4.5.0

Released on 01 Sep 2020

Tags now Disappear when they are No Longer Used

When the last Note referencing a Tag is deleted, the tag now disappears from the Tags view.

This closes issue # 33.

Saving Divider Position

The last position of the divider between the list view and the note view is now being saved between executions.

This closes Issue # 21.

Ignore Internal Resources folder when offering parent folder for new collection

Notenik was previously offering the parent folder for the app’s Help Notes as the possible parent for a new collection to be created by the user. This has been fixed, closing Issue # 32.

Removed Collections Board

Removed the Collections Board, since it was just a bad idea poorly executed.

Improved Scrolling Behavior

List view now scrolls to a selected note after a Find command.

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