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19. Version History ↑

19.105 Version 5.1.0

Released on 26 Dec 2020

Added Display Settings Button to Update CSS

Added an explicit button to generate the CSS field in the Display Settings, since custom CSS was still being overwritten unintentionally. This is a follow-up fix to Issue # 41.

Added an Optional Date Modified field

This should close Issue # 40.

Changed Author Sort

Changed Author field to sort by first name first, last name last. Among other effects, this means that the Author pick list now works correctly, as you start to type a name.

In particular, application URL links should now be working, both from the Link field, and when found in the body field.

This should close out Issue # 44.

Added Function to Close All Completed Tasks

This new command beneath the Collection menu will change all Notes with a status of Completed to a status of Closed.

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