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19. Version History ↑

19.102 Version 5.4.0

Released on 19 Jan 2021

Added Notenik Introduction for new users

Created a brief Introduction to Notenik to show new users, and re-identified the more complete document as the User Guide (which then matches the nomenclature on the website).

Added Support for Code Fencing

Added support for code fencing in the Markdown parser.

Added Markdown Spec access beneath the Help menu

A complete spec for the Notenik Markdown parser can now be opened as a read-only Notenik Collection, by selecting Markdown Spec beneath the Help menu.

Reworked Display Fonts Settings to Make Updates More Intuitive

Changed the logic a bit on the Display Settings screen to make updating a bit more intuitive.

Adjusted Font Weight in What’s New Display

Headings were a bit too heavy.

Corrected Sharing of Entire Note in Markdown

There were several problems with this option that should all have been corrected now.

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