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19. Version History ↑

19.91 Version 6.4.0

Date: 02 Jul 2021 - Friday

Released on 02 July 2021

New Documentation

Following the DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself), all Notenik information and documentation has been consolidated into a single Knowledge Base, accessible from the Help menu. The Knowledge Base is itself a Notenik Collection, and it takes advantage of a number of recently added features.

Level Navigation

When Notenik finds a Collection with both Seq and Level fields, and when sorted by Seq + Title, and when Streamlined Reading is chosen, then additional navigation elements will be added to the Display tab.

Added Collection Setting for Streamlined Reading

As part of the Collection Settings, a user may now check a box to Format Display for Streamlined Reading.

Checking this option will cause the Display tab to focus on the Body of each Note, while minimizing the appearance of metadata. The net effect – especially if one declines to Include an Explicity Body Field Label on the Display tab – is to make it easier for a user to focus on the content of each Note.

Added Markdown Support for Definition Lists

Markdown definition lists are now supported by the standard Notenik parser.

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