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19. Version History ↑

19.74 Version 7.4.3

Date: 16 Oct 2021 - Saturday

Released on 17 Oct 2021

Notes without titles no longer disappear

I recently noticed that, if I tried to add a new Note, but neglected to enter any kind of title, the new Note would simply vanish without a trace. Now, if this happens, one of two things will occur:

New Child Contextual Menu Item is no longer Repeated

I recently noticed that, if I reloaded a Collection that was eligible for a New Child menu item on the List tab, then the New Child menu item would be repeated. This has now been fixed, so it should never appear more than once.

AKA Fields Now Immediately Available

When adding a new AKA entry, the new identifier would not be available until the Collection was reloaded. New AKA identifiers should now be available as soon as the associated Note is saved.

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