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19. Version History ↑

19.66 Version 7.8.0

Date: 13 Dec 2021 - Monday

Improvements to Web Book Publishing

When you generate a Web Book, you can now provide a file named header.html, to specify HTML code to be placed at the top of each generated web page. The process has also been modified so that a Level field need not be used.

New Notenik Intro Provided

A new Introduction to Notenik is available. New users will see a copy of this in their iCloud Drive when they first launch Notenik. It can also be found on the website. The copy on the website includes screenshots, for those who’d like to see what the app looks like before downloading it.

New Include Children Field Type Added

When using Streamlined Reading mode, the new Include Children field can be used to pull child elements of a Note into the parent Note’s display.

Added a Date Sort Option

You can now sort a Collection by its primary (or only) Date field, irrespective of its Status value. The Seq field will be included in the sort, following Date, if a Seq field is defined for the Collection. The Title field will be the final field included in the sort key for this option.

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