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19.55 Version 8.6.0

Date: 26 Feb 2022 - Saturday

Added Support for Checklists

Markdown Task Lists are now supported. Use dashes and square brackets and X characters to define a checklist.

Another new Collection Settings option has been added: the ability to automatically Create Notes for Missing Wiki Link Targets. This option is off by default. If you turn it on for a Collection, then whenever Notenik encounters a Note containing a wiki-style link to a second Note, and that Note does not yet exist, Notenik will create a Note with the targeted title, and with text in the body of the new note pointing back to the referencing Note.

More Options for Formatting Note Titles

When you Tailor Collection Settings, you previously saw a checkbox allowing you to display your Note Titles a level 1 headings, making them big and bold. This checkbox has now been replaced by a drop-down menu presenting you with additional options to tailor the Note Title Display. Any heading level can now be selected.

Default Styling for Headings Modified

The default styling for headings (whether entered via Markdown, or selected for the Note Title Display) has been altered. See Default Styling for Headings to see what they look like.

Rearranged File Menu Slightly

Moved Open Recent to the bottom of the Open commands, and put Close in a separate grouping, with a divider above. This seems to make Open Recent easier to find, and the new arrangement seems more in line with that of other Mac apps.

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