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19. Version History ↑

19.43 Version 9.4.0

Date: 31 May 2022 - Tuesday

Improvements to App Population

Made some minor improvements to the way the new Populate App Catalog function works.

Improved Combo Box for Lookup Fields

Improved the way that the UI widget works when entering a Lookup field.

When using Merge Templates as part of the scripting engine, AKA fields will now be honored when expanding Wiki Links according to the Wiki-Style Links - W variable modifier specified.

Added a Combo Field Type

The new combo field type can be used for fields with recurring values, and will appear on the Edit tab as a Combo Box, combining a simple text field with a dropdown list.

Added a Teaser Field Type

Set up teaser as a valid field type, so that such a field could be labeled with something other than Teaser.

Added a new Markdown Teasers Command

Added a new Markdown extension to Display Teasers for the children of the current Note.

Improved Note Import

When importing a Note, via drag and drop or via some other means, Notenik will now ensure that the same field value does not end up populating more than one field in the imported Note. This is helpful when using Collections with large sets of defined custom fields.

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