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19.44 Version 9.6.0

Date: 23 Jun 2022 - Thursday

Created a Way of Setting Default Field Values

In general, Notenik will leave a field blank unless a user explicitly specifies a field value. This works pretty well for most field types but, in some cases, it is desirable and convenient for Notenik to supply a non-blank default value for a field when creating a new Note. The Status field type is a good example. It is often desirable, when using a Status field, to have it default to some initial value. So now it is possible, even when not using a Class field, to create a defaults class template to specify default values for one or more fields.

Added Class Template Extension Changes

When changing a Collection’s preferred file extension, the file extension for any associated class template files will be changed as well, along with Note file extensions.

Added a new item beneath the Help menu to provide a quick link to the new Notenik Discussion Forum.

Enabling Code Field to Display HTML

When using a field of type Code, Notenik will now convert any HTML to allow the code to be displayed as intended, rather than being interpreted as HTML.

Allow Tailoring of the Edit Tab

A new option to Tailor the Edit Tab has been added, allowing selection of font in addition to font size.

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