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19. Version History ↑

19.42 Version 9.8.0

Date: 15 Jul 2022 - Friday

Fixes to Sample Display Template

When writing out a sample display template, using the command found beneath the Collection menu, line breaks were not always correct. These have been fixed, to ensure that template commands (such as <?endif?>) stand on their own.

Changes to Toggle Streamlined Reading

The Toggle Streamlined Reading command beneath the Collection menu no longer toggles the explicit Body field label display, instead leaving it as-is.

Addition of Paste Date Function

Adding a handy new function to Insert a Date into any text field being edited. The user can select the desired content (today, tomorrow, etc.) as well as the date format.

Avoiding Seq Assignment When Not Sorted by Seq

This change fixes the situation in which the currently selected Note has a Seq value, but the Collection is not sorted by Seq, and a new Note is being added. Previously in this situation the selected Note’s Seq would be incremented and assigned to the new Note; with this change, the new Seq field will simply be left blank.

Added Obituary as a Valid Work Type

The value of Obituary is being added to the list of available values for the Work Type field.

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