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6.3.12 Website

This is a starter pack meant to be used for authoring and publishing a website of some kind. See the enclosed file for further info.

The top-level folder created is designed to be opened by Notenik as a parent realm.

The top-level folder will contain the following subfolders.


This is the Notenik Collection that will contain your content. It provides the following fields as defined in the Collection Template File.

Title: <title> 

Tags: <tags> 

AKA: <aka> 

Link: <link> 

Status: 0 - Idea; 1 - Proposed; 2 - Approved; 3 - Planned; 4 - In Work; 5 - Held; 6 - Completed; 7 - FollowUp; 8 - Canceled; 9 - Closed;  

Class: <class:  home, page, post > 

Date: <date> 

Author: <author> 

Teaser: <teaser> 

Date Added: <dateadded> 

Date Modified: <datemodified> 



This folder will contain Merge Templates, Script Files and Include Files used in generating the website from the content.


This is another Notenik Collection containing links to various resources that the website creator may find useful.


This is the folder containing the actual contents of the website generated from the contents by the factory.

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