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10.2 Notenik Markdown Parser ↑

In addition to Wiki Style Links within a Collection, the Notenik Markdown parser now supports Wiki links between Collections.

In order to link to a Note in another Collection, prefix the usual Note Title with a Collection identifier, followed by a forward slash, as in the following example, where authors is a Collection identifier:

Author: [[authors/Abraham Lincoln]]

The Collection identifier can be a collection shortcut, or it can simply be the name of the folder containing the Collection. If you are simply using a folder name, then it’s best to make the folder name lowercase, without any spaces.

To ensure that a related Collection is accessible for wiki links between Collections, it’s best to place all related Collections within the same parent realm, and to open the parent realm before opening any of the Collections.

Note that each Collection will be opened in its own window, as is usual for Notenik.

In order to increase interoperability with other apps, such as iA Writer, a leading ‘/’ or ‘../’ will be tolerated, but ignored.

If your Collection Settings request Notenik to Create Notes for Missing Wiki Link Targets, then Notenik will create the targeted Note in the targeted Collection, if the targeted Note is not already present.

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