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14.3.10 Word Demarcation - C

The letter “C” indicates that the variable consists of a series of words, and you wish to change or standardize the way in which the words are distinguished from one another.

When parsing the variable, the beginning of a new word will be indicated by either whitespace or punctuation between words, or by a transition from lowercase to uppercase (as in CamelCase usage). In other words, “two words”, “TWO_WORDS” or “twoWords” would all be parsed into two separate words.

What you want done with the word demarcation is defined by the characters following the “C” in the modifiers string. The letter “u” indicates a conversion to uppercase, the letter “l” indicates a conversion to lowercase, and the letter “a” indicates that the character should be left as-is. Anything other than these three characters (including a space) will be interpreted as a separator to be placed between the words.

Note that the u/l/a indicator can be specified three different times.

  1. The first appearance will control the case of the first letter in the entire variable;
  2. The second appearance will control the case of the first letter of each word;
  3. The third appearance will control the appearance of all other letters.

For example, if the template file contained the following:


And the name variable was equal to:


Then the resulting name in the output text file would be:

Herb Bowie

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