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Here are the latest developments on the Notenik front.

Notenik 7.4.0 - Wiki Link Enhancements

Notenik 7.4.0 addresses some common issues that often arise when making use of Wiki Style Links. Welcome to backlinks, automatic target note creation, and AKA entries for your Notes!

14 Oct, 2021 read more…

Notenik 7.3.0 - A Handful of Helpful Refinements

Version 7.3.0 of Notenik includes a handful of nifty changes: Improved Seq and Level Defaults for Drag and Drop; Improved Recognition of Parent Realm Folders; Parent Realm Folders Now Appear on Open Recent Menu; Streamlined New Collection process; Saving Security-Scoped Bookmarks; and Undo Provided for Note Deletions.

30 Sep, 2021 read more…

Notenik 7.2.0 - Some Nifty Enhancements

Version 7.2.0 of Notenik includes a handful of nifty changes: the website address has been updated to point to; wiki links now will try to pluralize a reference, if it is not found in singular form; the Merge template Set command now allows a variable to be used as part or all of a global variable name; Markdown quote sharing corrected to respect lookup links; added a Quick Export and Open command.

20 Sep, 2021 read more…

Version 7.1.0 - Taking Dark Mode All the Way

Notenik has mostly supported Dark Mode from the beginning – everywhere except on the Display tab, where the default was still to show black text on a white background. Now the Display Tab will follow your light/dark preferences, along with the rest of the App.

31 Aug, 2021 read more…

Notenik 7.0.0 - The Introduction of Lookup Fields

A field in one Collection can now reference information in other Collections.

27 Aug, 2021 read more…

Notenik 6.9.0 - Enhanced OPML Import and Export

Added several new options to better support outlining: OPML Export, ability to add a new Child to an existing Note, plus ability to drag and drop within a sequenced list; fixed list scrolling so that the Note highlighted and visible on the left will generally match the Note currently selected on the right.

12 Aug, 2021 read more…

Notenik 6.8.0 - Short IDs and Concatenated Exports

Added Short ID to the list of available field labels and types, to help with URL shortening; added new option to export an entire Collection into a single HTML or Markdown document; fixed a bug affecting automatic links in footnotes.

2 Aug, 2021 read more…

Notenik 6.7.0 - 6.7.4 - MathJax!

Added support for Mathjax; enhanced Table of Contents generation for a single Note; enhanced Table of Contents generation for an entire Collection.

19 Jul, 2021 read more…

Notenik 6.6.0 - Generate a Web Book

Added a new Markdown extension to generate a Table of Contents for an entire Collection; added another new Markdown extension to generate an Index for an entire Collection; added another new Markdown extensions to generate a Tags Outline; added a new command to Generate a Web Book from a Collection; updated the Notenik Knowledge Base to make use of all of these new features.

14 Jul, 2021 read more…

Notenik 6.5.0 - Added What's New Menu Option

Added an option to backup an entire Collection to a compressed Zip file; made improvements to Streamlined Reading, to focus only on Seq, Title and Body fields; expanded the custom URL help command to allow an ID to be included, to point to a specific Note to be initially displayed; added a What's New command beneath the Help menu to show the user the latest changes to the app.

7 Jul, 2021 read more…

Notenik 6.4.0 - Introducing the Notenik Knowledge Base

Markdown parser support for definition lists; new Collection pref for Streamlined Reading, increasing focus on Body content on the Display tab; new Display navigation elements added when using Streamlined Reading, especially useful when using Seq and Level fields and sorting by Seq; new Notenik Knowledge Base, available from the Help menu (replacing all prior Help documentation).

2 Jul, 2021 read more…

Notenik 6.3.0 - Leveraging the New Level Field

Updated the Work List field type to allow entries for ‘Novel’ and ‘Podcast’ (and to make it easier to enter using all lowercase letters); added a new field type of Level, to indicate the depth of a Note within the structure of a Collection; added a new command to renumber the Seq field based on sequence and Level; added a new command to generate tags that will mirror the outline structure implied by the combination of Seq and Level fields.

10 Jun, 2021 read more…

Notenik 6.2.0 - I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

My preferred style of development is to release new versions frequently, and to make relatively small incremental changes with each release. “Slow but Steady” might be my mantra. This latest release finally implements a custom URL scheme for Notenik. (I first received an email asking for something like this in January of 2020!)

27 May, 2021 read more…

Notenik 6.1.0 - Scripting Improvements

Script execution now runs asynchronously, so as not to block the main UI (no more spinning beach balls!); an animated indeterminate progress bar was added to the scripter window to let the user know that the script is still running; a browse command was also added to the scripting engine, so that the user can optionally open a local URL at the end of a script, both to let the user know the script is done, and also to allow the user to review the results (assuming the user was creating or updating a website or some collection of web pages).

23 May, 2021 read more…