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Version 7.1.0 - Taking Dark Mode All the Way

Posted on 31 Aug, 2021

Turning to the Dark Side on the Display Tab

I was kind of a late adopter of the Dark Appearance Setting on the Mac.

At first I just didn’t see the point.

But I kept trying it out until it started to grow on me a bit.

Until now I’m using it all the time, and turning on the light setting now seems a bit of a shock.

Notenik has mostly supported Dark Mode from the beginning – everywhere except on the Display tab, where the default was still to show black text on a white background.

The reason for this was a little bit complex. I’m using the Mac’s WebKit API to format the Display tab, which means I’m essentially formatting each Note display as a Web page – and I hadn’t yet incorporated the latest HTML to allow the page to follow the user’s wishes in terms of the light/dark setting.

But Notenik 7.1.0 fixes all that. As a bonus, when you use one of Notenik’s functions to generate an actual Web page from a single Note or a Collection, the generated pages will also include the code to respect the user’s preferences.

I think the results look pretty sharp, if I do say so myself.

(Of course, you can still supply your own CSS if you’d prefer different colors.)

Highlighting Search Text Matches

Another new feature in 7.1.0 that also shows up on the Display tab is highlighting of matching text when you execute a Search function. Previously Notenik would take you to the Note(s) containing the text you were searching for, but would not show you where the text was found. For a brief Note, this wasn’t usually a problem, but for longer Notes, it could be a bit frustrating to try to figure out where the matching text had been found. With 7.1.0, the matching text will be clearly highlighted.

The final little goodie in this release is the ability to automatically populate a Link field by taking the Title of a Note and then transforming it into a Link to the English Wikipedia page on that topic. Not everyone will find this feature useful, but if you have a Collection of your favorite Authors, for example, it can be handy for populating a Link field for each author. You can find this new function within the Note menu, about halfway down the list.


Hope you enjoy the new release! If you have questions or problems or suggestions for further improvements, just send me an email at, and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

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