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Notenik 9.6.0 - Choose Your Edit Fonts

Posted on 23 Jun, 2022

Notenik has long allowed users to make all sorts of adjustments to the appearance of their Notes on the Display tab, and has for some time permitted adjustment of font size on the Edit tab, but did not previously give the users any choices as to the font used on the Edit tab. It was the macOS standard fonts, or the highway.

Now that era is behind us, already shrinking in our rear view mirror.

Starting with 9.6.0, users have a new option at the bottom of the View menu, allowing users to Adjust Edit Fonts. Once this selection has been made, a new Edit Font Preferences window makes its appearance.

This window allows the user to select any font available on their local system, as well as choose a font size.

But wait… there’s more!

Because there are really three different types of UI controls that show up on the Edit tab.

  • Field Labels, telling you what sort of value comes next.
  • Code values (including Links), where you’d generally prefer a monospaced font.
  • Text values, for everything other than Code and Links.

And so Notenik now allows you to make separate adjustments for all three types of UI controls, as they appear on the Edit tab.

Not everyone wants or needs this level of user interface customization, of course, but this is one more case where Notenik tries to follow Alan Kay’s famous dictum:

Simple things should be simple; complex things should be possible.

Of course this latest release includes a few more nice changes as well.

If you’d like to set default values for one or more of your fields, but don’t need the complexity that comes with the Class field type, you can now create a defaults class template, and specify any non-blank values you’d like each new Note to start out with.

Then the Code field type has been enhanced to make sure that HTML code actually displays as code, and is not interpreted as HTML.

And then there’s a new, quite handy, link beneath the Help menu to take you to the recently launched Notenik Community found at

As usual, you can find more details in the Notenik Knowledge Base, but I would encourage you instead to make use of the new Notenik Community. All of the changes in the latest release have been posted in the Pipeline category, and tagged with the version number, so you read more about all of them at this link:

And, if you’d like to see what’s coming up for the next release, or make your own feature requests you can, of course, also do that in the new Notenik Community.

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