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19. Version History ↑

19.27 Version 10.4.0

Date: 19 Sep 2022 - Monday

Added a Table of Contents to a Generated Collection Index

Added a one-line table of contents to the Generate a Collection Index Markdown command, providing an introductory line containing the starting letters of all terms appearing in the index, allowing the reader to click on a letter to be taken to that section of the generated index.

Added Markdown Command to Create a Search Page

Added a new Markdown command to Generate a Collection Search Page, using embedded JavaScript as well as HTML.

Added a Move Option for File Attachments

When creating File Attachments, the user now has the option to move the file (thus preserving its identity) rather than copying it.

Fixed Some Window Resizing Adjustments

When resizing a window to fit onto a different display, some of the adjustments being made were a bit off kilter. The adjustments have been adjusted.

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