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19. Version History ↑

19.35 Version 10.5.0

Date: 09 Oct 2022 - Sunday

Wiki Style Links will now look for a singular version of the link text, if the text ends with the letter ‘s’.

Slight Variations in AKA Values Suppressed

Notenik will sometimes show AKA values in a list of contents, if there is room. Notenik will now try to suppress AKA values that only represent slight variations in the Note’s title.

Duplicate Parent Realm Windows No Longer Opened

In general, if a user tries to open a Collection that is already open, Notenik will simply take the user to the existing window, rather than opening another copy of the Collection. This was not being done for Parent Realm Collections, though. Now, when a user tries to open a duplicate Parent Realm window, Notenik will close the currently open window, and then reload the Parent Realm into a new window, in the same location.

Added Prep for JSON Variable Modifier

Added a new Merge Template Variable Modifier to Prep for JSON, preparing a variable to be stored using JSON.

Added Several New Derived Variables

Added several new Derived Variables, including Author Work Slug, The Work Type Slug, Major Work, Work Rights Slug and Known Work Title. These can be used to nicely format the sources for quotations.

Added a Command to Forget All Shortcuts

Added a command beneath the File menu to Forget All Shortcuts.

Expanded Page Type Field for Index Generation

When specifying the Input Module Parameters for a Script File, and specifying a modifier value of notenik-index, the population of the Page Type field has been expanded to optionally include a Class field value, if no Type field is present, and to include the folder name of the Collection, if neither Type nor Class is available.

Further Improvements to Summarize Variable Modifier

When looking for a period that ends a sentence, the Summarize Mod will now try to ignore a period found after a leading number on a line.

Other Small Improvements

Also made a few other small improvements, including a fix to the Collection Settings screen to retain the option to Create Notes for Missing Wiki Link Targets.

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