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19.13 Version 12.6.0

Date: 02 Aug 2023 - Wednesday

Added Field Type of Email

Added a new field type of Email that can be used to hold an email address.

Corrected Markdown Sharing Bug

When using a custom Display template to Tailor the Display for a Collection, and then requesting to Share with Options, requesting Markdown, Notenik would erroneously use the Display template for the share operation, thus generating HTML rather than Markdown. This has been corrected.

Corrected Display Heading Size Units

The Display Settings now accurately indicate that heading sizes are set in units of em, rathern than pt.

Corrected Multi-Level Tags Expansion

The Custom URL Scheme to expand a Tag has been enhanced to support multi-level Tags. This means that clicking on a multi-level tag on the Display tab will now accurately reveal the corresponding row on the Tags tab.

Starting Day of Week Now Variable

Notenik now respects the user’s preference for the First Day of the Week when generating a calendar view of a range of dates. This preference can be changed in the macOS System Settings, under General and then Language and Region.

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